Specialty Inspections

Dedicated To Finding A Solution To Fit Your Needs

R&R Visual, Inc. offers a wide array of specialized inspection services. Below is a list of unique specialty services that we have completed in the past. Some of these were custom solutions that required development of a new product to complete. If you do not see anything that meets your needs please contact us. Our logistics team will take every action possible to find a solution to your inspection needs. With our research and development department and our software development team, a solution is just a phone call away.

Manhole Entry
Inspection Photo
Inspection Photo
Remote Cleaning
Elliptical Pipe Laser Profiling

Much of R&R Visual’s success is from the random call from a customer looking for a unique inspection that seamlessly no one offers. Our solution special thrive on these challenges, looking for the right tools, or sometimes building new ones. Our experience is unparalleled and no challenge cannot be overcome.

Sometimes there may be a better solution or even more experience company for your particular project. If someone can help you better than us, we will lead you in their direction. With our decades or experience we have met hundreds of solution provides that just may specialize in your particular needs. 

Give one of our solution specialist a call today to discuss your project.

Projects Completed in the Past by R&R Visual:

  • Smoke Testing
  • Deep Tunnel Inspection
  • Loose Part Retrieval
  • Storage Cavern Inspection
  • Exhaust Shaft Inspection
  • Internal Machinery Inspection
  • Shear Tube Inspection
  • Toe Drain Inspection
  • By-Pass Tube Inspection
  • Levee Penetration Inspection
  • Overflow Tube Inspection
  • Heat Exchange Inspection
  • Water Well Inspection
  • Varmint Hole Monitoring
  • Salmon Spawn Monitoring
  • Root Growth Inspection & Monitoring
  • Historic Search & Recovery
  • Investigative Search & Recovery
  • Tank Wall Thickness Gauging
  • Pipe Wall Thickness Gauging
  • Rock Socket Inspections
  • Weld Inspection
  • Natural Gas Erosion Monitoring
  • Drilled Shaft Callipering
  • Dry Hole Callipering
  • Edge Drain Inspection
  • Pre-Construction Surveys
  • Salt Cavern Mapping
  • Robotic Contaminate Sampling
  • Remote Robotic Surveillance
  • Lagoon Bottom Profiling
  • Bridge Pillar Inspections
  • …and the list keeps growing!