Inspection Services

Video Pipeline Inspection


Pan & Tilt Camera Systems
These unique cameras allow the operator to point the camera and lighting assembly at the area to be inspected. This provides a very detailed inspection of interior pipe walls. Camera head is capable of panning a full 360 degrees and rotating a full 360 degrees.

Robotic Transports For Pipeline ​
R&R Visual uses a wide range of different camera transports to inspect sewer pipelines. Most pipeline robotics are wheeled tractors with variable speed controllers. Our largest robot, weighing in at over 300 pounds, can be retrofitted with a wireless system to perform light work and inspections at a distance of over a mile. Smaller crawlers are capable of traveling up to 2000 linear feet from a single entry point.

Lateral Launching Services
R&R Visual utilizes the latest lateral launching robotics from IBAK. These robots allow our experienced operators to inspect lateral pipes going to the homes and businesses from the main sewer pipeline. The launch camera is a full pan and tilt camera with steering to ensure 100% pipe coverage when it matters most. R&R can launch from 6" to 48" mainlines and inspect laterals up to 100 feet from the main. Our operators can launch from 20 to 60 laterals per day, some of the highest production rates in the industry. R&R Visual has a complete list of service partners utilizing this same equipment worldwide.

Push Rod Cameras For Small Diameter Pipelines And Boreholes
Push propelled pan & tilt cameras are used to inspect small diameter pipelines with extended distances. Pipelines from 1 inch and up, with lateral length up to 500 feet can be inspected with these broadcast quality camera systems. A unique feature is the self uprighting camera. This allows the picture to always stay upright on the screen even if the camera flips over. This prevents confusion when viewing later.

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Sonar Pipeline Inspection

R&R Visual utilizes this unique sonar inspection instrument to fill a void left by conventional video inspection. In the past, pipelines and ducts filled with murky water have been left un-inspected due to the high cost and potential down time involved with the process. As pipelines around the world are deteriorating, it has become a necessity to inspect these subsurface time bombs. With sonar pipeline profiling, this task has become amazingly fast and affordable, while achieving outstanding results. We have integrated this instrument with R&R Visual’s proprietary software, allowing three-dimensional modeling of subsurface pipelines, shafts, and ducts, as well as real time measurement or defects, pipe size, and debris.

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Laser Pipeline Profiling

​R&R Visual provides complete laser profiling services. We have the capabilities to profile pipeline from 6" to greater than 10 feet in diameter. We even have the ability to inspect most diameters from a single entry point and many with bends.

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Manhole Inspections

Now the revolutionary PANORAMO technology for manhole inspections. PANORAMO SI provides a complete 360º view of the manhole after the inspection, similar to normal PANORAMO pipe segment files.

The 3D Optoscanner uses two high resolution digital cameras with specially designed distortion-free wide-angle lenses. These optically scan the entire interior of the manhole in a few seconds during a single vertical pass of the camera. The digitally transmitted image data can be viewed by the operator as if it were a live picture. The condition of the manhole is then assessed back in the office or directly on site using MACP standards.

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Pipe Grade & Inclination Mapping

R&R Visual provides complete pipe inclination and grade mapping for horizontal pipelines. Using robotic tractors with highly sensitive pitch and roll sensors, we are able to capture and plot the grade of a pipeline. This information can be valuable for acceptance of new construction or simply find issues that may be causing failure on our existing infrastructure.

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Locating Services

​Do you know where all the sewer pipes and gas lines are on your property? It is safe to say that most  home and business owners don't, and no one wants excessive digging done in their yard to find these pipes.  Thankfully, there are devices available that can be used help locate sewer pipes and ducts underground. At R&R Visual Inc. we are trained to use detection devices and can help quickly locate leaks and broken pipes.  Underground sewer locating is a technique that plumbers use in drain cleaning, plumbing installation and sewer repairs. This is done by electronically detect underground lines using detector machines. The detectors usually have inductive signal transmission system that indicates the presence of an underground line on the LCD display. From there, our operators can effectively pinpoint the location of sewer lines, water lines and other pipes throughout your property. This aids in safe digging, leak detection and sewer repairs.

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Pipeline Cleaning & Jetting

R&R Visual offers complete pipeline cleaning services. We utilize the latest in high volume, high pressure water jetting sewer cleaners to ensure each project is completed to the highest standards.

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Specialty Inspections

R&R Visual, Inc. offers a wide array of specialize inspection services. Click to see a list of unique specialty services that we have completed in the past. Some of these were custom solutions that required development of a new product to complete. If you do not see anything that meets your needs please contact us. Our logistics team will take every action possible to find a solution to your inspection needs. With our research and development department and our software development team, a solution is just a phone call away. 

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