Infrastructure Inspection Specialist

For over 30 years R&R Visual has been a trusted source of municipal and industrial inspection services around the globe…
Large Diameter Pipeline, Remote Access, Tread-Lightly, & Challenging Inspections are our specialty!


Wide array of standard and HD video pipeline inspection services for a wide range of  applications


Complete laser pipe profiling services with capabilities to model from 6 inch to larger than 10 feet in diameter


Sonar pipe profiling is a quick and reliable alternative in conditions where traditional CCTV inspection is unavailable due to water level

360° SCAN

Our 3D Optic Scanners allow us to quickly collect data and produce 3D files, 360 degree views, and unfolded renderings


Single-Source Contractor

R&R Visual, Inc. is your single source contractor for all your infrastructure inspection needs. Offering a broad array of inspection techniques and utilizing the latest in technology, R&R Visual diligently strives to provide an unparallel experience for our customers. Engineers, facility owners, municipalities, and government agencies throughout the world, know they can count on R&R Visual to get the job done right, on-time, and within budget.

Founded in 1991

R&R has been providing unique inspection services to the municipal, nuclear, petrochemical, and industrial sectors throughout the world. We have strived to be your single source subsurface inspection contractor utilizing the latest in technology coupled with a full staff of trained professionals. Taking on the tough and near impossible projects is our specialty. R&R Visual has pioneered many of the technologies that they use and many have become international standards for sewer inspection and other types of pipeline inspections. Full capabilities to inspect and clean pipelines from 1 inch to 30 feet plus in diameter, drilled shafts and manholes from 10 inch to 20 foot diameter, and nearly any other subsurface cavities, caverns, or holes.

R&R Visual Field Crews

Why Choose R&R Visual...

  • Decades of experience across the globe in multiple disciplines of inspection

    R&R Visual has developed long lasting relationship with our customers that has taken our services around the globe. We have partnered on projects in Asia, Europe, Central America, and the South Pacific. Most of our time is spent is North America, but we fulfill the needs of our customers and go where they need us.

  • Certified and trained inspection technicians

    Each inspection technician is certified by NASSCO in PACP, MACP, and LACP. Technicians undergo a rigorous training period before becoming technicians. Often times working as technical assistances to get the needed experience.

  • Large enough to achieve outstanding results, small enough to care

    R&R Visual takes great pride in the individual attention that we give each customer and project. We have the tools to complete the most daunting inspections, but still maintain a manageable company so that each customer receives our undivided attention.

  • Geographically located to quickly mobilize to most locations

    Located in Northern Indiana, R&R Visual can mobile to nearly any location quickly. We are 2 hours away from both Chicago and Indianapolis. Our team is well versed in shipping and mobilizing logistics to reach all corners of the world.

  • True solution providers: even if we cannot help you, we will help find the best solution

    R&R Visual solution specialist are here to help. If you don't see a service here that looks like it will fulfill your needs, still give us a call. We are here to help our customers. Even if we do not provide a service for your inspection needs, we likely know a company who does. We will gladly point you in the right direction.

  • Unmatched results, with quick delivery of reports and data

    R&R Visual maintains a full office support team who is dedicated to getting you your data quickly so those important decisions can be made. Our customers own this data and do not need any subscription fees or offsite storage to access their data.

  • Third Party Inspection & Cleaning Specialist

    R&R Visual only specializes in inspections and cleanings. We do not do any rehabilitation of pipelines, and therefor have nothing to gain (or lose) by providing honest, accurate, and real results.