Lateral Launch

Cross Bore Specialist
Inspection Of Lateral Pipes From Within The Mainline

Versatile Lateral Launching

R&R Visual offers complete lateral launching services. No matter if you have a cross bore project in place or merely looking for infiltration, R&R will provide the highest quality launching in the industry. We utilize only pan & tilt launch cameras to provide a detailed inspection of the laterals and ensure that we launch the longest possible distance. Our daily production is unmatched by anyone in the industry.

Studies have shown that service laterals are often a significant source of infiltration, and most infiltration into these lines occurs within a few feet of the main because all except the last few feet of service lines are usually above the water table.

R&R Visual utilizes innovative camera systems to conduct lateral inspections from the main line up the lateral to towards the house. The inspection camera is propelled up the lateral towards the house to assess the structural integrity of the lateral.

Lateral Launch LISY

Detailed Inspections Including:

  • Location of lateral connections above ground utilizing integrated sonde
  • Ability to negotiate past offset joints in laterals
  • Chose inspection direction at tee and wye connections
  • Lateral inspection of up to 100’ from mainline connection in lines 6” to 48”
  • High resolution pan and tilt camera
  • 40 bright LED’s providing excellent illumination
  • Adjustable focus and iris
  • Cost and time savings
  • Property owner contact isn’t required
  • High quality equipment to virtually eliminate downtime on project sites
  • LACP certified operators and reporting software

Cross Bore Location

R&R Visual provides lateral launching services for cross bore location and prevention before, during, and after new natural gas boring projects. A cross bore is created when a gas line penetrates a sewer pipe during the no-dig boring process. These cross bore are potentially life threatening and need to be located before the gas line is punctured and leaks gas into the sewer line. R&R Visual uses only, industry standard, RapidView IBAK lateral launch systems, ensuring accurate locates, quality imagery, and enhanced production.